When is a VA not a VA?

That depends on your definition of what a VA is. The Virtual Assistant industry was birthed in the mid 1990s and consisted of women mainly (at that time) who had been working from home offices as home-based secretaries or administrators or personal assistants for a select number of clients. When technology made it easier for […]

How to become a VA

How do I become a Virtual Assistant is a question I’m often asked. And so I wrote the article below for the Australian Virtual Assistants Association of Australia (AVAA). Some of the content relates to setting up business in Australia. However, all of the content is suitable for anyone in any country and where Australian […]

What is a Virtual Assistant?

This question comes to light often these days because so many people (and countries) have variations on what they believe the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ means. It came about because a business coach named his assistant that title as she worked miles away from him (in the US) and he coined the phrase ‘virtual assistant’. The […]