The importance of Networking online and offline

I’m a firm believer that networking should be done as much offline as it is done online. I belong to two regular networking groups – one weekly and one monthly, and then go to others periodically too. I find I pick up a lot of referrals this way from people who like to meet who […]

Learn about your client’s industry

There is good value in learning as much as you can about the industry/ies your clients work in. If your niche is a particular industry this is even more important.  Each industry will have a number of things to help educate people in that industry: newsletters, magazines, trade shows, industry association events and the list […]

NEVER stop building your client base

I frequently see VAs posting on VA forums that their client is leaving them, cutting hours or doing something else and when questioning further about their situation, it often becomes apparent that they only have one client. You don’t have a business when you have one client. What you have is a job, in general […]

Are you going to AVAC?

The 6th annual Australian VA Conference will be held at Melbourne Docklands in March 2015.  The early bird bookings close very soon. If you’re planning to go, why not go visit the AVAC site to get your booking in now!  Dates are 20-21 March.  All details are on the website.