Do they know how to contact you?

I’m seeing an increasing trend of people creating brand new websites for their businesses but neglecting to put the most important information on their sites! Namely, how to contact you. Personally I don’t like doing business with people who only have a contact form and no other form of contact on their site. Makes me […]

The importance of Networking online and offline

I’m a firm believer that networking should be done as much offline as it is done online. I belong to two regular networking groups – one weekly and one monthly, and then go to others periodically too. I find I pick up a lot of referrals this way from people who like to meet who […]

Learn about your client’s industry

There is good value in learning as much as you can about the industry/ies your clients work in. If your niche is a particular industry this is even more important.  Each industry will have a number of things to help educate people in that industry: newsletters, magazines, trade shows, industry association events and the list […]