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AVAC Announcements

For AVAC promotions

Last Message: AVAC still taking bookings but not for long!

AVAC is only 3 weeks away - well, a little less than that. And bookings will be closing soon. So don't miss out! Can't make both days? Then you can book for one day only - Friday or Saturday. Full details at http://australianvaconference.com/registrati...



AVAC News list

Last Message: AVAC News Message

test message ...



AVAC announcements


For use with LifeStyleVideoProduction email list.

Last Message: From: LifeStyleVideos Updating with Social Media and new site

Hi everyone, Just a quick message to update you on our latest activities. We now have two Facebook pages and invite you to come like our pages and get involved in conversation. We hope to share many things with you there and also look forward to hearing ...



Old database entries

Last Message: olddb Message

This is a once-only message from Kathie Thomas, of A Clayton's Secretary (VA Directory) in this format. I am clearing out my database, which is over 20 years old. Some recipients of this email may not have heard from me in a long time, others might be sub...


Profitable Roulette

Email list for promotion of book

Last Message: John Ryan has 2 business opportunities in one for you

Hi friend / business colleague! I hope you are all well in health and your businesses and wealth plans have advanced from when we had our last contact. Certainly mine have and I want you to share in them now. I have published a book entitled "Make R...


Ron Manners

Ron Manners

Managing Director - Mannwest Group Pty Ltd

Chairman - Mannkal Economic Education Foundation

Last Message: From Ron Manners

Untitled Document Ron Manners sends you his Festive Greeting poem.... ...



Uwe's private list

Last Message: Invitation from Uwe to connect at LinkedIn

Hello, I'm going to send you an invitation to connect with me at LinkedIn as I step up my social and business networking efforts online. This email is simply to let you know in advance as LinkedIn doesn't allow you to bulk personalise emails - you can onl...


VTIO Contact List

For broadcast emails to VTIO contact list


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