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I’ve been hankering for a new desk and shelves for quite sometime. For a couple of years I’d been collecting photos of the types of desks I was interested in and had them sitting on my document holder. I’d look in Officeworks whenever they had specials but just couldn’t find what I was looking for, with respect to length and depth. Sometimes I thought perhaps I’d just buy a hutch and mount it on my old solid desk but again, I’d never find anything exactly the right width.

Just prior to Christmas I got an email from Bartercard, one of many from various Bartercard members with specials, and amongst them was an office furniture place. Not noticed them before but I contacted them and they had exactly what I was looking for! Great. I placed the order and had to wait till their office was back from the Christmas holidays so I could give them the measurements and confirm delivery details. The new desk and shelves arrived on Friday morning so I had fun playing and putting things back in order. Fridays are usually my non-client contact time – time for me, time for working on my business instead of in it, time for planning, writing, whatever. So, do you like the new look?

It won’t take long to fill those shelves I’m sure and the shelves in the background belong to my husband and are by his desk.  We share the office when he’s not at work.   My youngest daughter has inherited my old desk and drawers – I’d had them almost 15 years and they are made of good solid wood so should last quite some years yet.

Kathie M Thomas

Kathie M. Thomas pioneered the Virtual Assistant industry in Australia in 1996, She has mentored many women (and some men) over the years and led by example, bringing up 5 daughters while working at home. Today she is a Virtual Assistant, VA trainer, published author and an accomplished photographer.

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